summary method for class "chandwich"

# S3 method for chandwich
summary(object, digits = max(3, getOption("digits") - 3L), ...)



an object of class "chandwich", a result of a call to adjust_loglik.


An integer. Used for number formatting with signif.


Additional optional arguments. At present no optional arguments are used.


Returns a numeric matrix with 3 columns and the number of rows equal to the number of parameters in the current model, i.e.

attr(object, "p_current"). The columns contain: the maximum likelihood estimates (MLE), unadjusted standard errors (SE) and adjusted standard errors (adjSE).


See the examples in adjust_loglik.

See also

adjust_loglik to adjust a user-supplied loglikelihood function.

plot.chandwich for plots of one-dimensional adjusted loglikelihoods.