threshr 1.0.2 Unreleased

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • In ithresh() a user-supplied (log-)prior R function can now be set for the binomial probability p of threshold exceedance. The functionality requires at least version 1.3.4 of the revdbayes package.

  • A print method for class ithresh has been added.

  • In plot.ithresh() a more informative error message is given if an inappropriate value of the argument which_v is supplied.

  • In predict.ithresh() further arguments can now be passed to revdbayes::predict.evpost. In particular, the level(s) of predictive intervals can be set. An example has been added to the documentation.

threshr 1.0.1 2019-03-01

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Some examples and tests are modified slightly to avoid using unrealistically high or low thresholds.

  • Dependence on R version changed to 3.3.0 to avoid CRAN NOTE.